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Implementing solar technology to power our production processes marks a significant advancement in our commitment to green energy. By harnessing the sun's abundant and renewable energy, we are reducing our carbon footprint and demonstrating our dedication to sustainable practices.

This strategic move not only reflects our responsibility to the environment but also aligns with our vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future in manufacturing. Our production plant, now powered by solar energy, stands as a testament to our proactive approach in adopting eco-friendly solutions.

As of 2022, SITU GROUP has generated





KG co2

Emission Saved Annually



Equivalent to Amount

of co2 Offset by Trees

Our Commitment



"With an all-encompassing array of services tailored for the development and oversight of their retail settings, underscored by a staunch pledge to ecological stewardship.

Possessing the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, our enterprise substantiates the responsible procurement of materials. This certification assures our clientele that the resources we utilize are sourced from forests that are not only responsibly managed but also adhere to rigorous environmental and social criteria."


"SITU proudly upholds its commitment to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), underscoring our pledge to transparency regarding our climate impact and sustainability initiatives.

Our engagement with the CDP signifies a voluntary and comprehensive disclosure of our environmental footprint, encompassing greenhouse gas emissions, water management, and energy use. Such transparent reporting empowers us to strategize effectively for carbon footprint reduction, fostering sustainable business operations that align with global environmental objectives."

nanjing FU.png

SITU is dedicated to achieving Carbon Neutrality, illustrating our role as a forward-thinking provider delivering comprehensive solutions for custom retail fixtures and environments from concept through to installation.

Our staunch commitment to sustainability is integrated into every project, facilitating our clients’ journey towards environmentally responsible retail transformation. By prioritizing carbon-neutral practices, we not only innovate but also enable our clients to meet their sustainability goals with ease.

Nanjing Forestry University, in collaboration with CarbonStop, has undertaken a commendable initiative focusing on carbon emission tracking. This partnership reflects a commitment to sustainability and a strategic approach to climate action, aligning academic research with practical applications to better understand and mitigate carbon emissions.

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SITU has attained a notable EcoVadis Sustainability Rating, affirming our dedication to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable operations within the global retail turnkey solution sector.

This prestigious EcoVadis certification is a testament to our adherence to principled practices across four critical domains of CSR: environmental stewardship, social responsibility, ethics, and labor practices.

Our certification stands as verifiable evidence of our commitment to operational transparency, responsible business practices, and environmental consciousness.

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